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  • Title: Interski NZSIA
    Descriptive info: .. CONTACT US.. NZSIA PORTAL.. Latest Interski News.. October 10th, 2014.. Introducing Rhys Jones.. Meet Rhys Jones, SBINZ Interski team member Introducing SBINZ Interski Team member: Rhys Jones from SBINZ on Vimeo.. September 26th, 2014.. Introducing Keith Stubbs.. Here s a video intro for Interski team member Keith Stubbs 2015 SBINZ Interski Team member: Keith Stubbs from SBINZ on Vimeo.. Date: September 18th, 2014.. Jon Ahlsen s mini Interski.. One of the great things about NZ s snowsports scene is the international flavour.. Every year we have instructors, trainers and coaches from all over the working in our ski schools and.. MORE.. Date: September 10th, 2014.. Introducing Sean Thompson.. Sean s endless winter started way back in 2002.. Since then he has been living the dream, mixing business with pleasure whilst travelling to Japan, Australia, USA, Canada, Austria and Italy.. Date: September 8th, 2014.. Introducing Dan Burton.. Here s the first of SBINZ s video intros on their Interksi Team.. Meet Dan Burton, industry legend since his debut at Treble Cone in 1997.. There are not many places Dan hasn t  ...   and William Boyd.. Respectively, Tim and William represent the youngest and most senior members of the team.. Having previously represented.. Date: August 8th, 2014.. From Olympian to Instructor.. Here s a great article from Tim Cafe on the transition from Olympic ski racer to ski Instructor and ultimately demo team member In.. Date: July 31st, 2014.. Meet Interski team members Toby and Ash.. Toby and Ash talk Interski.. Here s the first of our video profiles of the NZSIA Interski team.. We caught up with Toby Arnott and Ashley Murphy during the early season training.. Welcome to the Interski 2015 Blog.. Welcome to the NZSIA s Interski 2015 Blog.. Here you ll find all things Interski as we build towards our trip to Argentina.. We ll have regular posts on training and preparation along with sponsor.. Days Until Interski 2015:.. Categories.. Interski 2015.. (14).. The Team.. (6).. Pages.. What is Interski?.. NZSIA at Interski.. Our Supporters.. Archive.. October 2014.. (1).. September 2014.. (4).. August 2014.. (3).. July 2014.. June 2014.. (2).. September 2013.. NZSIA Portal.. Contact Us.. Website Design by MacStudio..

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  • Title: Introducing Rhys Jones – Interski NZSIA
    Descriptive info: Date: 10th October 2014.. Meet Rhys Jones, SBINZ Interski team member.. Introducing SBINZ Interski Team member: Rhys Jones.. from.. SBINZ.. on.. Vimeo.. Posted in:..

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  • Title: Introducing Keith Stubbs – Interski NZSIA
    Descriptive info: Date: 26th September 2014.. Here s a video intro for Interski team member Keith Stubbs.. 2015 SBINZ Interski Team member: Keith Stubbs.. ,..

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  • Title: Jon Ahlsen’s mini Interski – Interski NZSIA
    Descriptive info: Date: 18th September 2014.. Every year we have instructors, trainers and coaches from all over the working in our ski schools and snowsports programmes.. It makes for some great knowledge sharing and more importantly some really great skiing! Here s an article and video from Jon Ahlsen, NZSIA Interski team member, on his New Zealand based mini Interski.. A few days ago, I had a day I will never forget.. There are lots of ski clips on Youtube.. There is one that I often recommend my trainee instructors to watch as inspiration before a training day.. A few days ago, one of the skiers in that clip,.. JF Beaulieu.. , two time Canadian Interski Team member and Rookie Academy Coach, asked if I wanted to ski with him the following Saturday.. I was extremely flattered.. The man’s skiing is inspirational.. But it got even better, we also had.. Andreas Spettel.. : Austrian Interski Team member, examiner for the Austrian full cert and Treble Cone Snowsports School instructor.. To make it almost too good to be true we were joined by.. Jonathan Ballou.. : US Interski Team member, NZSIA examiner and Rookie Academy Coach.. Nina, Andreas’s girlfriend, volunteered to film.. The sun was out and you’d be hard pressed to find better conditions.. I work closely with Andreas and he is an astonishing skier.. I’ve never seen a skier in such seemingly effortless balance while performing extremely high performance turns.. That balance combined with his elegant strength gives him such precision I started calling him Dr.. Spettel a few years ago.. Jonathan is well known in the NZSIA.. His credentials  ...   technical – these guys are like ski professors.. Here are a few things I noticed:.. While there are differences between NZSIA, CSIA, PSIA and BASI, the biggest difference between systems lies between the Austrian system and the others.. There are quite a few, but a couple of distinct.. technical differences.. are the use of vertical movement for turn initiation and an active angulation movement to balance over the outside ski for the Austrians, while the NZSIA, CSIA, PSIA and BASI tend to focus more on leg rotation for turn initiation and angulation happening more as a result of build-up of steering pressure.. Another difference relates to our demos.. While we tend to strive for demos that show only the movements required to achieve a particular turn, the Austrians are willing to exaggerate more to really show the particular movement on which the focus lies.. To me, the difference in technical approaches are mostly visible in the low end demos (basic parallel turns), while they become less visible in high end skiing.. Here, it seemed like the skier’s personalities came out more.. You could also see a distinct difference in turn type between the one on slalom skis (JF, 13m radius) and the rest of us (Jon – 18m, Jonathan – 20m and Andreas – 21m).. We did an unrehearsed syncro run, which shows quite similar movements.. Front to back: JF Beaulieu, Jon Ahlsén, Andreas Spettel and Jonathan Ballou.. All in all, it was a great day – I learned a lot and had lots of fun.. If Interski is anything like this, I cannot wait for next year!.. Jon..

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  • Title: Introducing Sean Thompson – Interski NZSIA
    Descriptive info: Date: 10th September 2014.. He has passion for teaching and passing on his snowboarding experiences.. Sean has now been an SBINZ examiner since 2009 and these days mixes up his time training future instructors and helping nz s top snowboarders develop their skills on Cardrona Alpine Resort.. Tags:.. CARDRONA.. NEW ZEALAND.. sbinz.. SEAN THOMPSON..

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  • Title: Introducing Dan Burton – Interski NZSIA
    Descriptive info: Date: 8th September 2014.. There are not many places Dan hasn t worked, including France.. His experience, knowledge and international contacts bring real strength to NZSIA s representation at Interski.. 2015 SBINZ Demo Team member: Dan Burton..

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  • Title: Team Snowboard get together at Cardrona! – Interski NZSIA
    Descriptive info: Date: 30th August 2014.. Hello NZSIA and SBINZ members!.. At the start of the season this year, SBINZ went through a selection process to establish the six snowboarders who will be representing our association at Interski in Argentina but you probably knew that already if you re reading this blog!.. Well, this past Wednesday the six members of the SBINZ Interski Team got together at Cardrona Alpine Resort for our first on-snow training session.. We couldn t have asked for a better day with glorious sunshine and awesome conditions.. The day kicked off with a few laps through the pipe and a good test of the fresh corduroy on the trails.. Spirits amoung the crew were high and everyone was focused on the day ahead.. There were a number of outcomes we hoped to achieve for the day, including filming short intro videos to each member of the SBINZ Interski Team, establishing the topics for our on-snow clinics, as well as the indoor presentation with the Ski Team, that we will be presenting at Interski.. The overall theme set for Interski 2015 is.. Retention in Snow Sports.. We ve come to the decision that we will focus heavily on this topic throughout  ...   our clinics will look at versatility of SBINZ instructors and the other will focus on a teaching model that we re currently working on implementing.. Throughout the day we broke into smaller groups to give continuous peer to peer feedback on our individual riding.. We rode the whole mountain from pipe and park, to the off-piste.. We even had time to lay some early-morning trenches.. As a team we want to ensure we arrive at Interski showing our versatility and high standard of riding achieved in the SBINZ system and constantly demonstrated by our membership that s you!.. The SBINZ Interski Team would like to say a big thank you to.. Cardrona Alpine Resort.. for putting on such a great day for us.. Cheers!.. Rhys Jones loving his hand plants in the Cardrona pipe!.. Sean Thompson styling out a frontside 3 on the new Cardrona intermediate jump line called Antlers Alley awesome name by the way!.. Richie Johnston laying out a euro-carve while the boys setup for ones of their own.. Sam Smith and Rhys Jones in a train through the intermediate jump line.. The SBINZ Interski Team of six, Rhys Jones, Sean Thompson, Sam Smith, Dan Burton, Richie Johnston, Keith Stubbs..

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  • Title: Introducing Tim and Will – Interski NZSIA
    Descriptive info: Date: 17th August 2014.. Having previously represented New Zealand at the Winter Olympics and World Ski Champs Tim s now training towards his first Interski.. Willy s working towards number three having first represented NZSIA at Interski in 1991 and then again in 1995! As well as his work in New Zealand the majority of William’s northern winters were  ...   France, where he often competed in the annual Challenge des Moniteurs, regularly making the “demi- finals” and “petit-finals” in slalom – a rare achievement for foreign instructors.. Despite their difference in backgrounds both share a passion for excellence in their skiing and teaching and its great to have them on the team.. NZSIA Interview Tim and Will.. NZSIA Ski..

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  • Title: From Olympian to Instructor – Interski NZSIA
    Descriptive info: Date: 8th August 2014.. Here s a great article from Tim Cafe on the transition from Olympic ski racer.. to ski Instructor and ultimately demo team member.. In skiing, transitions are vital.. In this case, the transition from elite athlete to coach, coach to instructor, and instructor to demo team member.. My name is Tim Cafe and I am a former ski racer from Queenstown.. I raced for 6 years on the New Zealand National Team to Olympic and World Championship level.. After retiring from racing in 2011 I decided to enter the coaching and instructing world.. Since then I have been coaching the Queenstown Alpine Ski Team (QAST) and instructing in Aspen, Colorado.. The life of an elite athlete is intense.. The focus is almost entirely internal.. You become goal-driven, one-tracked and completely absorbed into your sport.. Your emotions, which are so often worn on your sleeve, are a product of both your successes in terms of results and how hard you feel you have trained.. The life of a ski instructor, by contrast, is externally focused – we are constantly judging someone’s motivations to ski and how to best fulfil the needs of the guest.. We have to make their goals our goals.. The coaching world lies in the most challenging area of both worlds – we are responsible for designing programmes which best fit athletes’ needs, but at the same time we have our own goals for the athletes.. The success of the athletes has a major bearing on our job satisfaction and, in truth, whether or not we are doing our jobs properly.. During the 2011 winter the NZSIA offered national team members the opportunity to sit Level 1 and Level 2 exams at a reduced cost.. When I saw this opportunity I decided there was no downside – I might as well do the qualifications.. This was a few months after a successful World Championships in Germany and I was having a bit of a tough time resetting my goals.. In the racing scene one in every 4 seasons has no major competition (World Champs, Olympics), so there is no pinnacle event to focus on.. Passing the exams became a perfect target for me.. As it turned out, I learned a lot about technique and my understanding of skiing improved hugely through the process.. By the end of that winter I had made the decision to end my racing career.. This is always a tough decision for any athlete.. Transitioning from a goal-driven, purpose bound life into the world of the unknown is.. SCARY!.. I know many athletes who would rather hurl themselves down the Hahnenkamm Downhill at Kitzbuhel than trawl through job postings on TradeMe looking for career inspiration.. There is a certain security in being an athlete.. It’s not financial, at least not at the level I was at.. It’s just life in your own bubble world with only one logical pathway to choose.. Ski racing teaches you incredible risk management and instantaneous decision making skills, but it also breeds people  ...   snow conditions and a tough job.. I had no intention of sitting Level 3 that season given the time constraints.. That was until it was mentioned that the Demo Team tryouts of 2013 would be open to Level 3 instructors.. All of a sudden I found a purpose again.. In addition to loving the sensation and fulfilment of recreational skiing, I still needed challenges and goals to shoot for.. With this as ammunition I trained.. hard.. for level 3 for the whole season, and breathed a very heavy sigh of relief when I passed.. The following two seasons, both Aspen and Queenstown, I spent working on technique.. It took some time to develop the idea of what a demonstrator should look like.. The goal was no longer fastest time/ultimate ski performance at all costs, even with technical flaws.. It became an interesting blend of high ski performance and a visually accurate picture of skiing.. By the time of the tryouts I was raring to go, hungry to be measured again as a skier.. Nerves and anxiety fuel me and bring out the best in my performances.. I am proud to have been selected as a member of the demo team.. Since selection I have been continuing to develop my technique, especially in the areas I am aware that cause both an inaccurate picture and (surprise surprise) ineffective ski performance.. Yes, I will admit that ski instructor training and skiing has improved my technique significantly, and would have been helpful in my racing career.. Banking.. My critical flaw.. I’m still working on it!.. Looking back on my career the most successful seasons have always stemmed from a healthy competitive team environment.. A team of individuals who, whilst competitive with one another, are able to improve as a pack.. To go out there into the world of skiing and prove New Zealand’s worth.. I see incredible alignment of this idea with the ideals that we have put in place for the Demo Team.. We are all part of the team.. We are individually striving to be the best skiers and teachers we can but are also trying to prove the worth of New Zealand in the snowsports teaching world.. Interski is not by nature a competition, but everyone is there to perform to the best of their abilities.. I am highly motivated by the idea of representing New Zealand once again on the world stage.. I am impressed with every member of the current team and their commitment to working hard for this event.. The training camp in June really proved to me that people meant business.. A group of goal-oriented, focused and motivated athletes.. Sounds familiar, right?.. Which brings me to the final word of this piece.. It is true that there are differences between the worlds of instructing and ski racing.. But I see striking similarities between the most successful people in each world.. They’re goal-driven, motivated, technically focused, and everyone is simply trying to manipulate a tool on snow to make the best damn turns we possibly can..

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  • Title: Meet Interski team members Toby and Ash – Interski NZSIA
    Descriptive info: Date: 31st July 2014.. We caught up with Toby Arnott and Ashley Murphy during the early season training camp at Coronet Peak.. Both shared their insight into Interski and what it means for them and NZSIA.. Check it out.. ps HAPPY BIRTHDAY ASH!.. NZSIA Interski 2015 Team Members Ashley and Toby..

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  • Title: Welcome to the Interski 2015 Blog – Interski NZSIA
    Descriptive info: We ll have regular posts on training and preparation along with sponsor updates and general Interski information.. We look forward to sharing our journey with you here!..

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