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  • Title: The Hypertext Who
    Descriptive info: .. Overature.. This site is a public resource celebrating The Who.. It is not sponsored or formally affiliated in any other way with The Who or the band's members, management or other representatives.. In accordance with laws regarding copyright and other forms of intellectual property, material excerpted and posted on this site is strictly for nonprofit research, scholarship & commentary about The Who, its members and their activities.. I'm One.. Roger Daltrey.. John Entwistle.. Keith Moon.. Pete Townshend.. Success Story.. History of The Who.. This Month in History.. Guitar and Pen.. The Who Discography.. Solo Discographies.. Liner Notes.. Bootleg Recordings.. Guitar Tablature.. Goin' Mobile.. Concert Guide.. The Who in Australia.. My Generation.. Article Archive.. Bibliography.. Who Associates.. See Me, Feel Me.. Photo Archive.. Irish Jack's Webpage.. Who Theater.. Join Together.. Odds Sods.. Chat Room.. The Seeker.. FAQ.. Links.. Search.. A Legal Matter.. A Word about Copyrights.. Privacy Policy.. Bargain.. I know I gotta discipline myself again.. --.. Rolling Stone - October 5, 1978.. Do You Think it's Alright?.. The Who Hits 50.. The Who have announced the dates for "The Who Hits 50" U.. S.. tour.. The First leg starts in Tampa, Florida on April 15, 2015 and ends on May 30, 2015 in Forest Hills, New York.. The second leg of the tour begins September 15, 2015 in San Diego, California and ends in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on November 4, 2015.. Along with the upcoming Ireland and UK shows, Who fans now have nearly 50 chances to see The Who during their 50th anniversary to.. full article.. Latest Headlines.. ( All ).. Out in the Street.. New Site.. Check out our new site!!!!!.. http://beta.. thewho.. net.. The Kids are Alright.. One day like today.. 1965.. The Who go into IBC Studios to record their first LP.. The afternoon session sees "A Legal Matter" and "The Ox" recorded for certain and probably also "The Good's Gone", "La La La Lies", "Much Too Much" and "It's Not True.. " Roger says the Who played a show that evening although there is no record of a show then.. There is however a sheet that lists a belated 21st birthday party for John on this date that may be what took up The Who's evening.. 1967.. "Tattoo" is recorded at De Lane Lea Studios, London.. 1968.. The Who play in Sheffield.. 1969..  ...   Stadium, I'll never f***ing see you again.. ' Who needs it? I never wanted to be a baseball player.. " The New York Post reports "Riot At Who Concert" and says 100 people are hurt and 13 are arrested at this show.. The next night's show is professionally recorded and filmed.. "Love Reign O'er Me" is later released on the video 30 Years Of Maximum R&B.. The opening acts are David Johansen and The Clash.. The Who play in New York.. 1985.. Roger's solo album Under A Raging Moon enters the U.. charts where it peaks at #42.. It is Roger's last solo album to date to enter the U.. charts.. Also, The Who Collection, hits the charts in Britain.. The double LP and CD set is digitally remastered and is marketed on television.. It peaks at #44.. 1999.. Little Demon with the Vatican Grave Robbers release their CD Sacred Monster featuring a cover of "Squeeze Box.. "",.. 2002.. Pete writes a long diary entry on the future of The Who: "What is The Who? It is a brand name, and two old guys called Roger and Pete.. I think I'm going to stick with the two old guys and let the brand name look after itself.. I Can See For Miles.. Who Are You.. Welcome.. Anonymous.. Nickname.. Password.. Membership:.. Latest:.. kenpark.. New Today:.. 0.. New Yesterday:.. Overall:.. 845.. People Online:.. Members:.. Visitors:.. 53.. Bots:.. 2.. Total:.. 55.. Who Is Where:.. Visitors:.. 01:.. Home.. 02:.. Pro News.. 03:.. Photo Gallery.. 04:.. 05:.. 06:.. OurContent.. 07:.. FAQ - Help.. 08:.. 09:.. Content.. 10:.. 11:.. 12:.. WeblinksPro.. 13:.. 14:.. 15:.. 16:.. 17:.. 18:.. 19:.. 20:.. 21:.. 22:.. 23:.. 24:.. 25:.. 26:.. 27:.. 28:.. 29:.. 30:.. SearchResults.. 31:.. 32:.. 33:.. 34:.. 35:.. 36:.. 37:.. 38:.. Discography.. 39:.. 40:.. 41:.. 42:.. 43:.. 44:.. 45:.. 46:.. 47:.. 48:.. 49:.. 50:.. 51:.. 52:.. 53:.. Bots:.. Google.. Yahoo.. Staff Online:.. No staff members are online!.. How Many Friends.. Please Support Us!.. Due Date:.. Oct 31.. October Goal:.. 50.. 00.. Gross Amount:.. PayPal Fees:.. Net Balance:.. Below Goal:.. Site Currency:.. USD.. 0%.. Magic Bus.. The logos and trademarks used on this site are the property of their respective owners.. We are not responsible for comments posted by our users, as they are the property of the poster.. Interactive software released under.. GNU GPL.. ,.. Code Credits..

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  • Title: The Hypertext Who › Biographies › Roger Daltrey
    Descriptive info: Biographies Roger Daltrey.. By David M.. Barling.. Born Roger Harry Daltrey on March 1, 1944, to Harry & Irene Daltrey in Shepherd's Bush, England.. Daltrey was primarily raised in the London suburbs of Shepherd's Bush and Bedford Park.. Harry Daltrey worked for a water closet manufacturer.. Irene Daltrey lost a kidney in 1937 and as a result was told that she could no have children.. About a year later, Irene Daltrey was stricken with polio to be partially paralyzed with some loss of use of her hands.. Daltrey was the oldest and only boy as he has two sisters, Gillian and Carol, the youngest born in late 1947.. The English public school system had the "eleven plus examinations" where 11 year olds took tests to determine their academic and vocational future.. Daltrey placed at the very top of his class.. Daltrey was enrolled in Acton County Grammar, an all-boys school.. Irene Daltrey recalled, "I was hoping if he picked up his studies, he'd go on to university.. ".. Daltrey stated, "You know, I was a school rebel.. Whatever they said do, I didn't do.. I was totally anti-everything.. I was a right bastard, a right hard nut.. I just totally closed the doors to ever wanting to know what they had to teach me.. Rock & roll was the only thing I wanted to get into.. Daltrey made his first guitar from a block of wood.. At this time, Daltrey formed the band, the Detours.. In 1959, Harry Daltrey bought Roger an Epiphone guitar in the hopes that Roger would return to his studies.. Daltrey would become the lead guitarist for the Detours.. However, Daltrey was soon expelled from Acton Grammar school.. Daltrey started sheet metal work by day and perform/rehearse with the Detours at night.. The line-up of the Detours was in flux.. Daltrey invited John Entwistle to become the bassist for the Detours that Entwistle accepted.. At the urging of Entwistle, Daltrey invited Pete Townshend to join the band on rhythm guitar that Townshend accepted.. The members of the Detours were Townshend on rhythm guitar, Entwistle on bass, Daltrey on lead guitar, Doug Sandom on drums, and Colin Dawson on lead vocal.. In 1961, the Detours were playing at weddings, bar mitzvahs, pubs, and working men's clubs.. "We were just doing Top Ten hits and playing for about ten cents.. At the time, the whole thing about groups was a joke," recalled Daltrey.. In late 1962 and early 1963, the Detours opened for Johnny Kidd & the Pirates, a power trio with a lead singer band setup.. After a change of lead singers, the Detours decided to go to a power trio plus singer with Daltrey switching to lead vocal and Townshend switching to lead guitar.. Daltrey stands about five feet, six inches tall.. Affectionately (or, derisively, depending on the speaker) referred to as the "little singer," Daltrey was combative with a reputation for fisticuffs.. Daltrey stated, "When the band started, I was a shit singer.. They didn't need a singer in those days, they needed somebody who could fight, and that was me.. " Daltrey got his way or you got a "bunch of fives.. The line-up change did not affect Daltrey's control over the Detours.. Daltrey selected the music to be performed which was Beatles' songs, Motown rarities, James Brown numbers, and older rock & roll tunes.. Daltrey's work ethic along with Townshend's art school social criticism would generate the source of the band's dynamic tension that would indelibly change music history.. Daltrey would clearly become a man of action and hard work, while Townshend would become a man of ideas and experimentation.. Daltrey controlled the early decisions for the band.. In 1964, the Detours were in the process of changing their name.. Townshend's idea was the Hair while his roommate, Richard Barnes, suggested The Who.. The next morning, Daltrey made the decision for everybody, "It's The Who, innit.. In April 1964, drummer Doug Sandom left the band.. Keith Moon became The Who 's drummer.. At this time The Who were going through numerous management changes.. The Who met Pete Meaden, a Mod.. Under Meaden, the band's name was The High Numbers.. The band dressed like Mods and appealed to Mods even though they were not Mods.. The Mods were amphetamine takers who wore tab collars and Italian shoes and drove Lambretta scooters.. The Mod credo was "clean living under difficult circumstances.. Daltrey sang on High Numbers' recordings "Leavin Here," "Here åTis," "I'm the Face" and "Zoot Suit.. The Who signed a record deal that forced them to write their own material.. In January 1965 Pete Townshend composed "I Can't Explain.. " As a result, Daltrey's dominance of the band diminished notwithstanding that the follow-up single was "Anyway, Anyhow, Anywhere" co-written by Daltrey with Pete Townshend, their only collaboration in 30 years.. Daltrey through his singing added a new dimension to Townshend's lyrics.. "I Can't Explain" worked because Daltrey conveys anger, frustration, and bewilderment.. "Anyway, Anyhow, Anywhere" worked because Daltrey expresses Mod arrogance that can resort to violence.. At this time The Who were performing in local clubs, Daltrey became known for his belligerence on stage and his ability to swing the microphone in wide arcs sometimes whistling the mike over audience members' heads.. If the sound wasn't right, Daltrey took action to make it correct right on the spot, even if it meant interrupting the show.. As The Who were working on the single "My Generation," The Who toured Sweden.. Daltrey became incensed as he felt the band were a bunch of "junkies.. " Daltrey cooled down long enough for the band to tour Denmark.. Daltrey became upset again and flushed Keith Moon's pills down a toilet.. Moon protested but Daltrey flattened Moon with a single punch.. As Daltrey stated, "Once  ...   Daltrey started living on a farm in East Burwash.. Also, Daltrey starred as Tommy in a stage production of the rock opera.. In 1973, Daltrey released his first solo album, Daltrey, featuring the single "Giving It All Away.. " On his first album and its impact on The Who, Daltrey firmly stated, "My big ambition in life is to keep The Who together, and under the surface, it needs a lot of attention.. I get accused all of the time of being a breadhead, but it's just that the other don't care- and I mean don't care.. Fall 1973, The Who released the double album Quadrophenia composed by Pete Townshend in its entirety with Daltrey having significant singing parts on 13 songs.. Quadrophenia is about the four-faceted Jimmy, a Mod from 1964-1965, who climbs on The Rock to examine his life.. Each member of The Who had a theme.. Daltrey's theme was "a tough guy, a helpless dancer" about Daltrey's violent determination to avoid spending his life as a sheet metal worker.. Daltrey has fine vocal performances on "The Real Me," "The Punk and The Godfather," and "5:15.. " When performed live, Daltrey would receive a standing ovation for his singing on the gut wrenching finale, "Love Reign O' er Me.. During rehearsals for the Quadrophenia tour, Daltrey and Townshend had a verbal name-calling episode.. Townshend swung at Daltrey with his guitar and fists.. Daltrey casually dropped Townshend with one punch.. In 1975, Daltrey starred in the feature film release of Tommy.. Daltrey gave a commanding performance that was the highlight of the movie.. On the strength of his acting in Tommy, Daltrey starred in the movie, Lisztomania.. Daltrey released his second solo album, Ride a Rock Horse.. Fall 1975, The Who released The Who By Numbers with Daltrey singing seven songs.. The songs range from the campy, "Squeeze Box," to the angry, "Dreaming From The Waist.. " The Who's tour to support this album in 1975-1976 was described by Daltrey as "back to basics.. During the recording of the album, Daltrey pushed forward the litigation against The Who's management discovering that, "we found that we had been screwed up the fucking alley.. In 1976, Daltrey released his third solo album, One of the Boys.. Summer 1978, The Who released the album Who Are You with Daltrey singing seven songs.. Daltrey's singing on "Music Must Change," Guitar & Pen," and the title track is extremely powerful and vitriolic.. September 8, 1978, Keith Moon, Who drummer, died in his sleep.. Daltrey was deeply hurt by the personal tragedy and loss.. In 1979, Townshend and The Who continued with a tour.. Unfortunately, a concert in Cincinnati resulted in 11 deaths due to a pre-show stampede for festival seating.. Daltrey, when informed of the deaths, openly cried.. In 1981, The Who released the album Face Dances with Daltrey singing seven songs, notably "You Better You Bet" and "Another Tricky Day.. " Daltrey starred in the feature film, McVicar, which had a successful soundtrack album of the same name.. In 1982, The Who released the album It's Hard with Daltrey singing nine songs.. In 1984, Daltrey released his fourth solo album, Parting Should Be Painless.. In 1985, Daltrey released his fifth solo album, Under a Raging Moon, in dedication to Who drummer, Keith Moon.. Daltrey sang a Townshend song, "After the Fire," that became a successful single.. Daltrey toured the East Coast of America in his first solo tour.. Daltrey with The Who performed at the benefit concert, Live Aid.. In 1987, Daltrey released his sixth solo album, Can't Wait To See The Movie.. In 1989, Daltrey sings on the Pete Townshend solo album Iron Man on "Fire" and "Dig.. " Daltrey with The Who toured which included two benefit performances of Tommy.. In 1991, Daltrey released the solo retrospective album, Best of Rockers & Ballads.. In 1992, Daltrey recorded and toured with the Irish folk band, The Chieftains.. Daltrey also released the solo album, Rocks In The Head.. In 1994, Daltrey for his 50th Birthday played Carnegie Hall in a show Daltrey Sings Townshend.. The show featured Daltrey with guests covering Pete Townshend songs with a band and a symphony orchestra.. Daltrey enjoyed himself so much that he toured, which lost a million dollars, with the orchestra and Who bassist, John Entwistle.. In 1996, Daltrey and The Who revived Quadrophenia as a theater piece for 1996-1997 tours.. In 1997, Daltrey released Martyrs and Madmen: The Best of Roger Daltrey, another solo career retrospective.. Summer 1998, Daltrey was the guest singer and headliner for a tour called British Rock Symphony, with Daltrey singing various British artists' songs as well as Who songs.. Daltrey's contribution to The Who and thus music history is simple.. Daltrey willed The Who to succeed and refused to let The Who and rock music be compromised in any way as long as Daltrey could.. His commitment to The Who is permanent.. Daltrey is the only rock & roll singer on the planet who could sing the songs that comprise The Who's catalog, such as, "My Generation," "I Can See For Miles," "Young Man Blues," Tommy, Who's Next, Quadrophenia, and "Who Are You.. " Daltrey is the perfect voice and man of action for Pete Townshend's lyrics and ideas.. As Townshend stated at Daltrey's 50th Birthday, Townshend 's songs are about fear and it takes a man (Daltrey) to sing about fear.. Outside of The Who, Daltrey has established himself as a fine actor as a leading man in movies, acting in Shakespeare and playing television bad guys.. Roger Daltrey is married to Heather Daltrey, and is the father to a son, from a previous marriage, and two daughters, Rosie and Willow, and a son, Jamie, with Heather Daltrey.. Wikipedia.. (65419 reads).. [ Return to.. Biographies.. ]..

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  • Title: The Hypertext Who › Biographies › John Entwistle
    Descriptive info: Biographies John Entwistle.. Born John Alec Entwistle on October 9, 1944, to Herbert & Maud "Queenie" Entwistle in Chiswick, England.. Herbert Entwistle played trumpet.. Queenie Entwistle played piano.. The Entwistle's marriage failed shortly after John' s birth.. Entwistle spent most of his childhood living with his grandparents.. At three, Entwistle stood up at a local cinema to sing along with Al Jolson songs.. Entwistle's grandfather took John to workingmen's clubs where John stood on chairs and sang Jolson standards.. At seven, Entwistle began taking piano lessons until 11.. Then, Entwistle began playing the trumpet based on his father's knowledge of the trumpet.. At Middlesex School, Entwistle played a tenor horn purchased by the school.. After school, Entwistle played in trad bands.. Entwistle picked trad jazz so he could play the trumpet.. Trad jazz is where Entwistle met Pete Townshend.. Entwistle and Townshend kicked around in a few bands together.. Entwistle eventually went to a better band.. At around 14, Entwistle became a fan of Duane Eddy and John wanted to play loud like Eddy.. Entwistle stated, "I just wanted to be louder.. I really get irritated when people could turn up their guitar amps and play louder than me.. So I decided that I was going to play guitar.. Entwistle also stated, "I did want to be a lead guitarist.. The role of lead guitarist was the most glamorous to me.. I wanted to make solo spots in a group.. And you don't go from being a front man to a back man.. But I always preferred the sound of a bass- it excited me the most.. Entwistle's family couldn't afford to purchase a bass guitar.. So, Entwistle obtained a piece of mahogany that was in the shape of the popular bass of 1960, a Fender Precision body.. Entwistle had the bass fretted like a Hofner bass.. Entwistle completed the bass on grandmother's best dining room table that permanently damaged the surface of the table.. Entwistle then moved to a Fenton-Weill bass made by Entwistle and Fenton factory hands.. Entwistle then became a member of Roger Daltrey's band called the Detours.. In fact it was Entwistle who recommended Pete Townshend to Daltrey to join the band on rhythm guitar.. In 1961, Entwistle graduated from Acton Grammar.. Entwistle's family could not afford to pay for John's education.. Sometime in 1962-1963, Entwistle found work with Inland Revenue Service, England's IRS.. Entwistle would sleep in the tax office after long nights of playing in the Detours.. Entwistle became a filing clerk in the tax office because John was hoarse from spending the night singing "Twist and Shout" and "I Saw Here Standing There.. At this time, the members of the Detours were Townshend on rhythm guitar, Entwistle on bass, Daltrey on lead guitar, Doug Sandom on drums, and Colin Dawson on lead vocal.. Entwistle would then change his sound to be more of a second guitar than as a traditional bass.. As one of the Detours, Doug Sandom said of Entwistle, "John didn't like to upset anybody.. He was the boy who was quiet, who wouldn't upset anybody.. Entwistle recalled that the Detours were, "the first band to use large amounts of equipment" because "we decided to be loud, to have a lot of impact.. Pete Townshend recalled that Entwistle was the first musician to play through Marshall amplifiers.. "[O]nce John had a Marshall he was so loud, I had to get one," said Townshend.. In February of 1964, the Detours decided to change their name to The Who because Entwistle saw on television an Irish band called the Detours.. Moon's addition changed Entwistle's role.. Townshend remarked, "What's interesting in our group is that the roles are reversed.. John's the lead guitar, and although I'm not the bass player, he produces a hell of a lot of lead work.. The Who were developing a powerful stage presence.. Entwistle, though, just stood there as a straight quiet bass player.. As Townshend stated, "John doesn't demand attention.. For years, nobody even noticed John was there.. On the early Who stage presence, Entwistle stated, "The thing was at the back of our minds, we trained ourselves to think everyone else was below us.. I never would have been able to walk on stage if I didn't think I was the best bass player in England.. In August 1964, Kit Lambert and Chris Stamp took over management of the band.. In October 1964 The Who again became the band's name.. Soon after, The Who began a Tuesday residency at the Marquee Club with the poster of Townshend in full arm swing declaring "Maximum R & B.. " Entwistle was using Marshall amplifiers in a stack.. The Who signed a record deal which forced them to write their own material.. In January 1965, Townshend composed "I Can't Explain.. " The next single was "Anyway, Anyhow, Anywhere.. " During a live performance of this song on Ready, Steady, Go!, Entwistle's bass playing is fluid, loud, and rumbling.. This live "Anyway, Anyhow, Anywhere" can be found on The Kids Are Alright soundtrack album.. In December 1965, The Who released the My Generation album.. The revolutionary  ...   during The Who's tour of Quadrophenia, The Who smashed a suite at a Montreal hotel.. The Who were arrested.. Entwistle wrote a song based on the events called "Cell Number 7" appearing on his future solo album, Mad Dog.. In 1974, The Who played New York's Madison Square Garden.. Tommy began shooting as a feature film.. Entwistle went through some Who studio tapes to compile the release of Odds & Sods, a collection of Who B-sides and rejected album songs.. Entwistle remarked, "we thought we'd have a go at some of the bootlegs.. We thought it was about time we released a bootleg of our own.. " The Who released as a single, "Postcard," an Entwistle composition about life on the road touring.. Entwistle formed a band named after his nickname, The Ox, and embarked on his first solo tour in December of England.. In 1975, Entwistle released his fourth solo album, Mad Dog.. Entwistle formed a band named after his nickname, The Ox, and embarked on his first solo tour of America.. Fall 1975, The Who released The Who By Numbers with one Entwistle song with John singing "Success Story," that has a furious bass opening.. Entwistle drew the cover for the album.. Entwistle was also featured with intense bass soloing at the end of "Dreaming From The Waist.. " A stunning version of this song can be found on the CD re-issue of By Numbers.. In 1977, Entwistle played horn on Townshend's solo album, Rough Mix, on "Heart to Hang Onto.. Summer 1978, The Who released the album Who Are You with three Entwistle songs with John singing "905" and "Trick of the Light.. " "Had Enough" and "905" were part of an Entwistle science fiction rock opera.. "Trick of the Light" featured Entwistle thundering on a nine string bass opening the song singing about an evening with a lady of the night.. Entwistle burst into tears upon hearing of Moon's passing.. In 1979, Entwistle completed the musical soundtracks for the feature films, Quadrophenia and The Kids Are Alright, The Who's bio-pic.. Also, The Who added Kenney Jones as the drummer to embark on a tour.. In 1981, The Who released the album Face Dances with two Entwistle songs with John singing "You" and "The Quiet One.. " Entwistle released his fifth solo album, "Too Late The Hero.. In 1982, The Who released the album It's Hard with three Entwistle songs with John singing "One At a Time" and "Dangerous.. In 1985, Entwistle performed with The Who at the benefit concert Live Aid.. In 1989, Entwistle appeared on Townshend's solo album Iron Man performing on "Dig" and "Fire.. " Entwistle with The Who toured which included two benefit performances of Tommy.. In 1993, Entwistle walked on for an encore with Pete Townshend during one of Townshend's solo concerts performing "Let's See Action" and "Magic Bus.. In 1994, Entwistle appeared at Carnegie Hall for Roger Daltrey's 50th Birthday as part of the Daltrey Sings Townshend shows.. Entwistle then toured as the part of Daltrey's band for a tour called Daltrey Sings Townshend that also had a symphony orchestra.. In 1995, Entwistle toured America and Japan with the Ringo Starr All-Star Band which gave John "the dubious pleasure of knowing that he has performed 'Yellow Submarine' more times than Paul McCartney.. ".. In 1996, Entwistle formed a band called the John Entwistle Band that went a "Left for Dead" tour.. Entwistle and The Who revived Quadrophenia as a theater piece for 1996-1997 tours.. In 1997 during the Quadrophenia tour, Entwistle sold his art, including the cover of The Who By Numbers to cartoons of rock stars such as Rod Stewart and the Rolling Stones.. In 1998, the John Entwistle Band toured America and was planning to release a live CD of the tour.. John Entwistle is simply a musician's musician; steady, reliable, and ever the professional.. Entwistle, also known as The Ox, Thunderfingers, and many other nicknames, is rock and roll's greatest bass player, ever.. Entwistle uses an overhand fretting style that is unique.. Entwistle bass playing in concerts is over powering and fantastic- find and listen to "Happy Jack," "Heaven and Hell," "Overture," "Young Man Blues," "Shakin' All Over," "Won't Get Fooled Again," "The Real Me," "5:15," "Dreaming From The Waist," "Trick of the Light," and "The Quiet One.. Entwistle has written some of rock's funniest songs, "Boris The Spider" and "My Wife" as well as the most sadistic songs, "Someone's Coming" and "Heaven and Hell," as well as poignant songs, "When I Was a Boy" and "Trick of the Light.. " Entwistle's heavy metal songwriting acted as a counterweight to Pete Townshend's arty, social criticisms.. Entwistle's lead vocals on "Twist and Shout," "Boris The Spider," and "My Wife" are superb.. Entwistle is also one of the best back-up singers in rock, notably on "Summertime Blues" and "A Quick One.. John Entwistle has been married two times and has a son, Christopher, from his first marriage.. John Entwistle died June 27, 2002 in Las Vegas, just before The Who were to begin their 2002 U.. http://en.. wikipedia.. org/wiki/John_Entwistle http://www.. walnutst.. com/index.. asp?action=artists&act_artist=1&thread=2&artist_id=6.. (47513 reads)..

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  • Title: The Hypertext Who › Biographies › Keith Moon
    Descriptive info: Biographies Keith Moon.. Biography of Keith Moon by David M.. Barling.. Born Keith John Moon on August 23, 1946, to Alfred & Kathleen Moon in Wellesden, England.. Moon was primarily raised in the Northwest London suburb of Wembley.. Three years later, the Moons welcomed a daughter, Linda, to their family.. Alf Moon earned his living as a maintenance mechanic for the Wembley council and Kathleen "Kit" Moon took on part time cleaning jobs.. As Kit Moon recalled, Keith "from the age of three, he would sit home for hours beside an old gramophone player and play 78 records of stars like Nat King Cole and Scots leader Johnny Shand.. The Moon family would listen to the BBC comedy troupe, the Goons, and Keith would then act the comedy sketches the next week at school.. When Keith was 12, the Moons welcomed another daughter, Lesley, to the family.. While at school, Moon received a prescient comment from his music teacher, "great ability, but most guard against tendency to show off.. " While in grammar school, Moon was a loner despite a hyperactive personality.. Moon joined the Sea Cadets and started playing the bugle and then, trumpet.. At 13, Moon moved from the trumpet to the bass drum.. Moon became a fan of the drums and would see the Movie, "Drum Crazy," about the late great Jazz drummer, Gene Krupa.. In 1970 Moon stated about the picture, "That film was the only time I saw the way Krupa worked- all that juggling.. " Moon recounted, "Gene Krupa, Jo Jones, Buddy Rich.. to me they were the best.. I d see a big band with a double bass drum setup, twirling the sticks, all the theatrics.. They re the people I really dug, growing up.. Autumn of 1961, Moon bought his first drum kit, a pearl blue Premier kit.. Moon began practicing on his own.. In 1962 Moon would gain admission to the Music Club at the Oldfield Hotel where Moon would watch various drummers and in particular, Screaming Lord Sutch and the Savages' drummer, Carlo Little.. Moon asked Little for drum lessons and Moon would take lessons from Little for a few months.. Summer of 1962, Moon would play in a band called the Escorts.. A member of the Escorts recalled, "The way he decided to play drums was outrageous.. But he emulated Carlo Little and was the only person to do so.. He was a real character.. Madness bordering on genius.. In December 1962, Moon responded to an ad for a drummer in the band called the Beachcombers, who despite their name were not a surf band.. Moon, nicknamed "Weasel," enjoyed an 18 month stint with the band.. Moon was such an intense drummer that six inch nails were hammered into the stage to fasten his kit with rope.. By mid-1963, Moon became an obsessive surf music fan to the extent that Moon imported from America surf records by Dick Dale, the Chantays and the Beach Boys to England.. From late 1962 to his fateful spring of 1964, Moon worked at British Gypsum where Keith answered phones and processed sales orders.. In April 1964, drummer Doug Sandom left The Who.. Moon auditioned for The Who and was invited to join the band.. For a couple of weeks, Moon would play in both the Beachcombers and The Who.. Alf Moon was very much against his son leaving the stable Beachcombers for the explosive Who.. Recalling Moon's departure from the Beachcombers, their rhythm guitarist stated, "Keith was going to go forward because he couldn t do anything else.. He was a showman drummer, that was it.. I always think he was the best drummer in the world, even with us.. During their summer 1964 residency at the Railway, Pete Townshend broke his guitar against the Railway's low ceiling.. A week later Moon started smashing his drumkit when the audience was disappointed when Townshend didn t smash his guitar.. Moon stated generally, "When I smashed my drums it s because I was pissed off.. [W]hen you ve worked your balls off and you ve given the audience everything you can give and they don t give anything back, that s when the *bleep* instruments go.. Soon after, The Who began a Tuesday residency at the Marquee Club with the poster of Pete Townshend in full arm swing declaring "Maximum R & B.. In January 1965, Townshend composed "I Can t Explain" with Moon playing the drums as if the fate of the free world depended on his performance.. The next single was "Anyway, Anyhow, Anywhere" with Moon's drumming holding together the innovative feedback from Townshend's guitar.. In December 1965, The Who released the My Generation album with Moon co-writing the surf influenced instrumental "The Ox.. " Moon's performance on the record is still one of the greatest drum performances ever let alone on a debut record.. The drum solo at the bridge of "The Kids Are Alright" was so far ahead of its time that it was edited out of the American release and wasn't released in America until 1994's Box Set, 30 Years of Maximum R & B.. Spring 1966 saw the release of the Townshend composed "Substitute," with manic Moon drumming that Keith later didn't recall playing at the session.. About this time, Moon moved from a single bass seven piece drum set to a double bass nine piece drum kit.. In May, 1966, Moon and Who bassist John Entwistle were late to the gig that night because they were entertaining Beach Boy, Bruce Johnston.. Townshend and Who singer, Roger Daltrey were extremely angry at Moon and Entwistle as they started the concert with a  ...   "Life with the Moons," a series of skits, routines and send-ups while Keith would play some of his favorite music.. Fall 1973, The Who released the double album Quadrophenia composed by Pete Townshend with Moon singing "Bell Boy.. " Quadrophenia is about the four-faceted Jimmy, a Mod from 1964-1965, who climbs on The Rock to examine his life.. Moon's theme was "a bloody lunatic, I'll even carry your bags," needing the attention of others while keeping up a front of self-containment at the same time.. "The Real Me," "Bell Boy" and "Love Reign O'er Me" are the significant tracks.. Moon also sang on "We Close Tonight" which was released on the re-issue of Odds & Sods.. November 1973, Moon passed out during the San Francisco stop on the Quadrophenia tour.. Video of this event can be found on the 30 Years of Maximum R & B video release.. In 1974, Moon completed acting roles in two movies, Uncle Ernie in Tommy and J.. Clover in in Stardust, the sequel to That'll Be The Day.. Moon visited Los Angeles and stayed in a rented Santa Monica beach house with John Lennon, Ringo Starr, Paul McCartney and Harry Nilsson.. Moon had such a good time that he would soon move to Los Angeles for the partying and an attempt at an acting career.. While in Los Angeles, Moon hosted the popular American Television show, In Concert, which featured Keith playing a drum solo with goldfish swimming in his drum kit.. The Who released Odds & Sods, a collection of Who B-sides and rejected album songs that included Moon singing a bit on "Now I'm A Farmer.. In March 1975, Moon released his only solo album, Two Sides of the Moon, with Keith singing on all of the tunes which included a John Lennon original and cover songs loved by Moon.. Moon received a $200,000 non-refundable advance for the album.. Moon stated at the time of the release of the solo album, "I didn't know I was capable of some of the vocals that I had done.. My commitment to the album is total, I wouldn't bother with it otherwise.. I think it's commercial and will sell.. " In 1997 the solo album was re-issued with eight additional tracks.. Fall 1975, The Who released The Who By Numbers.. Moon's excellent drumming can be heard on "Dreaming From the Waist," "Success Story" and "In Hand or Face.. In 1976, Moon sang "When I'm Sixty Four" for the soundtrack record to the movie All This and World War II.. In 1977, Moon appeared in the movie Sextette.. Moon also appeared in concert on stage with Led Zeppelin.. Summer 1978, The Who released the album Who Are You with Moon singing a bit on "Guitar and Pen.. " During one of the recording sessions when Moon was struggling, Keith declared, "I am the best Keith Moon style drummer.. " Moon's drumming drives the title track.. Chillingly, the album cover has Keith Moon sitting on a chair that states, "Not to be Taken Away.. Posthumously in 1979, The Who released the feature films, Quadrophenia with Keith Moon as Executive Producer and The Kids Are Alright, with Keith Moon as a featured performer.. In Kids, Moon, in response to the director asking for the truth, states tellingly, "No, I mean, the truth as you want to hear it.. I can't do that.. You couldn't afford me.. Keith Moon is rock and roll's greatest drummer.. Moon's fills, rolls, patterns and toms' work pushed rock drumming beyond the limits of the then rock drummer.. From his punk playing on "My Generation" to his playing to the synthesizer tracks like "Baba O'Riley," "Won't Get Fooled Again" and the Quadrophenia album, Keith Moon expanded the range and vocabulary of the rock drummer.. Moon's style ranged from big band, surf, rock and proto-punk.. On Moon's drum style, John Entwistle stated, "[Moon] didn't play from left to right or right to left, he'd play forward.. When you see him playing mad breaks, he's not going around the kit, his arms are moving forward from the snare to the toms.. I've never seen anyone play like that before or since.. On advice Moon would give to people taking up the drums, Keith is attributed with saying, "Learn guitar.. " If one listens to Moon's playing (or sees video of The Who live), Keith is playing off of Who guitarist, Pete Townshend more than Moon is keeping time by playing off of Who bassist John Entwistle.. Moon's greatness behind the drumkit is often overshadowed by his public image as "Moon the Loon.. " Keith Moon is known more for dressing up like Adolf Hitler (in places such as Steve McQueen's Malibu house), striping naked in airports and on television shows, destroying hotel rooms, swinging from chandeliers, throwing televisions out of hotel windows, putting cherry bombs in toilets, leaving a hovercraft on train tracks disrupting train schedules, being quick with word play, puns and the funny joke, passing out at concerts and consuming super human amounts of alcohol and pharmaceuticals.. This public image of Keith Moon was so pronounced that the Muppet character, Animal, whose credo is "Drums.. Women.. Food.. " was inspired by Moon.. Keith Moon's commitment to The Who and his love of all things Who made Moon The Who's biggest fan.. Moon stated time and again that there was nothing more important to him than The Who.. On September 7, 1978, Keith Moon died in his sleep due to an overdose of the prescription drug, Heminevrin.. Keith Moon was survived by his ex-wife Kim, a daughter, Amanda, a loyal girlfriend Annette and countless Who fans.. org/wiki/Keith_Moon.. (56606 reads)..

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    Descriptive info: Biographies Pete Townshend.. Born Peter Dennis Blandford Townshend on May 19, 1945, to Clifford & Betty Townshend in Chiswick, England.. Townshend was primarily raised in the London suburbs of Ealing and Acton.. Mr.. & Mrs.. Townshend met while playing in the World War II era big band the Squadronaires, Cliff on the alto saxophone and Betty as a singer.. The Townshends' marriage was often rife with anger and long periods of separation resulting in Pete spending a portion of his infancy with his maternal grandmother.. As Betty Townshend has stated, Pete "loved music right from the word go.. " Townshend would see the movie "Rock Around the Clock" numerous times at the local cinema.. At 12, Townshend received from his maternal grandmother a guitar, "a cheap, Spanish thing.. " Soon after, Townshend got a banjo, which led to meeting John Entwistle in 1959.. Townshend and Entwistle would play together in numerous bands that played Dixieland and country & western.. Daltrey, then on lead guitar, asked Townshend to join the band on rhythm guitar of which Daltrey described Townshend "as a nose on a stick" referring to Townshend's big nose and very thin frame.. Townshend's nose led to teenage insecurities and an inferiority complex about his physical appearance.. At this time, Betty Townshend gave birth to Paul Townshend and Simon Townshend; Townshend's other siblings.. Townshend's teenage years began as an only child receiving all of the attention to the oldest of three boys and receiving little or no attention.. Cliff Townshend would make unflattering comments about Pete's nose.. Townshend felt neglected and unattractive.. In the fall of 1961, Townshend enrolled in Ealing Art College where he joined the Committee for Nuclear Disarmament and the Young Communist League.. While at Ealing, Townshend studied and absorbed numerous theories of art.. Townshend learned that art could be used as social criticism.. Townshend attended numerous lectures by visiting artists, such as, Austrian Gustav Metzke who lectured on auto-destruction.. While at art school, the members of the Detours were Townshend on rhythm guitar, Entwistle on bass, Daltrey on lead guitar, Doug Sandom on drums, and Colin Dawson on lead vocal.. In 1963, Townshend's art school buddy and fellow pothead, Tom Wright, an American, was caught with marijuana which led to his deportation.. Wright suggested Townshend to take over Wright's Sunnyside Road flat and Wright's extensive blues, jazz, and classical record collection that featured Mose Allison, Jimmy Reed and John Lee Hooker, among others.. As a result of Wright's suggestion, Townshend moved into the flat with Richard Barnes, who would later collaborate with Townshend on various projects.. In December 1963, the Detours opened for the Rolling Stones.. Here, Townshend watched the Stones guitarist, Keith Richards, casually swing his arm in a wide arc over the guitar as a warm up.. From this, Townshend created the windmill guitar strum earning the nickname, "Birdman.. In February of 1964, the Detours decided to change their name to The Who at the suggestion of Townshend's roommate, Richard Barnes.. Sandom called Townshend the most sarcastic person he had ever known.. Keith Moon became The Who's drummer.. " Mod gave Townshend a platform and an audience for his social criticism.. During their summer 1964 residency at the Railway, Townshend broke his guitar against the Railway's low ceiling.. Townshend recalled that, "I had no recourse but to completely look as though I meant to do it, so I smashed the guitar and jumped all over the bits.. It gave me a fantastic buzz.. Luckily, I'd brought a spare guitar, the 12 string.. I picked it up and carried on as though nothing had happened.. Townshend related the guitar smashing to the Gustav Metzke lecture at Ealing.. Townshend stated, "I think I justified it in terms of being noticed.. And fuck it, I wasn't going to stand on stage and play rock & roll, if it was just the music; because that's not what rock & roll is, anyway.. It might be what the blues is, but rock & roll is something else again.. " Townshend began using Marshall amplifiers in a stack with the Union Jack flag draped over the stack.. " The next single, with guitar feedback, was "Anyway, Anyhow, Anywhere" inspired by Townshend listening to a Charlie Parker record.. Co-written with Roger Daltrey, Townshend stated, "Yeah, this is one gonna be about a punk kid.. In December 1965, The Who released the My Generation album with eight Townshend songs with Pete singing "A Legal Matter.. " The angry and defiant title track featured the lyric "Hope I die before I get old" and an explosive guitar feedback finale.. Townshend was now a leading commentator on rock & roll.. Spring 1966 saw the release of the Townshend composed "Substitute.. " Summer 1966, Townshend started working on Quads where couples  ...   litigation with The Who's managers and the declining state of The Who.. Critics noted that the album seemed like a suicide note.. Around this time, Townshend began developing significant hearing troubles that would plague him for the rest of his life.. In 1977, Townshend released a solo album, Rough Mix, made in collaboration with Ronnie Lane of the Faces and various other music stars such as Eric Clapton and Charlie Watts on such tracks as "My Baby Gives It Away," "Rough Mix," and "Heart to Hang Onto.. Summer 1978, The Who released the album Who Are You with six Townshend songs.. Instead of block chords, Townshend played fluid lead guitar notes.. Townshend was taking The Who in a different musical direction.. The title track was based on a Townshend encounter with two members of the punk group, The Sex Pistols.. Townshend was crushed, withdrawn, and depressed.. In 1979, The Who released the feature films, Quadrophenia and The Kids Are Alright.. In 1980, Townshend released "his first serious" solo album, Empty Glass, which clearly established the duality of Townshend, the artist/character and Townshend, The Who rock star/caricature.. In 1981, The Who released the album Face Dances with seven Townshend songs.. Townshend became a heroin addict and nearly died of an overdose.. Townshend's extreme loathing of The Who was public.. In 1982, The Who released the album It's Hard with nine Townshend songs with Pete singing "Eminence Front.. " Townshend released a solo album, All The Best Cowboys Have Chinese Eyes, about his recovery from heroin addiction.. In 1983, Townshend released the album, Scoop, an "official bootleg" of his demos.. Townshend also became an editor at Faber & Faber publishing house.. In 1985, Townshend's novel, Horse's Neck, a compendium of short stories about alienation from nature and love, was published.. Townshend released the album White City - A Novel with a companion video with Jimmy from Quadrophenia as a husband and father in his thirties.. Townshend performed at benefit concerts with The Who at Live Aid and as a solo performer.. In 1987, Townshend released the album, Another Scoop, a further collection of his demos.. In 1989, Townshend released the album Iron Man based on a Ted Hughes' children's story.. Townshend with The Who toured which included two benefit performances of Tommy.. In 1993, Tommy opened on Broadway to become an eventual Tony winner.. Townshend released the album PsychoDerelict based, in part, on the science fiction plot of Lifehouse.. Townshend, as solo performer, toured America for the first time losing $400,000.. In 1996, Townshend released the album Coolwalkingsmoothtalkingstraightsmokingfirestoking, a collection of his solo greatest hits.. Townshend played intimate clubs accompanied only by a keyboard player.. Townshend and The Who revived Quadrophenia as a theater piece for 1996-1997 tours.. Summer 1998, Townshend played a solo show as a warm-up for playing as a featured artist at a revival at Woodstock called "Day at the Garden.. Pete Townshend is the power chording, windmilling, and leaping about guitarist for The Who.. However, more significantly, Townshend, as the chief lyricist for The Who, wrote very accurate social criticism of the late 20th Century.. "My Generation" is a landmark expression of youth hostility and establishes a revolutionary stance.. Sell Out destroys the notion that advertisements selling narcissism lead to a better life.. Tommy is a vital document evidencing the absence of men in a post war society and the impact of a vacuum of male authority.. Lifehouse/Who's Next looks to the spirituality of music as liberating the soul against the restrictions of totalitarian societies.. Quadrophenia reflects on the history of rock & roll, the history of The Who, and the individuals who needed music in order to change the destiny of their lives.. By Numbers/Who Are You tried to establish that people in their 30's need anthems to express the lost innocence of youth.. Townshend's solo career demonstrates the need to reconcile hoping to live before he got old against the painful loss of Keith Moon, for Townshend the embodiment of "Hope I die before I get old.. " Townshend, as author of Horse's Neck, expressed Pete's desire to be one with nature and thus himself.. Townshend's last solo project, PsychoDerelict, challenged the listener to recall past triumphs and failures and go forward to break cycles of abuse patterns that hold people back against their will.. Pete Townshend was married to Karen Astley from 1966 until 2000 and is the father of Emma, Arminta, and Joseph.. Diehard Who fans can write to Pete at the following address:.. Eel Pie Studios The Boathouse Ranelagh Drive Twickenham TW1 1QZ.. For more pictures of Pete,.. click here.. Links to sites about Pete:.. Pete's Official Site.. Pete's Wikipedia entry.. Pete at about.. com.. Pete Videos at Youtube.. Rolling stone story of the bloody hand picture.. (136851 reads)..

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  • Title: The Hypertext Who › Discography
    Descriptive info: This discography does not claim to list every Who record ever made, but instead focuses on CDs that you are likely to find available online or at your local record store.. We plan to include more albums/cds in the future, but for now, enjoy!.. If your looking for virtually every Who record ever made, we recommend.. Whitefang's Who Site.. If you are looking for Bootlegs, look no futher than.. Baba O'Riley's Bootleg Page.. Studio Records.. My Generation (1965).. A Quick One (1966).. The Who Sell Out (1967).. Tommy (1969).. Who's Next (1971).. Quadrophenia (1973).. Odds & Sods (1974).. The Who By  ...   (1971).. The Kids Are Alright (1979).. Hooligans (1981).. Join Together (1982) (1982).. Who's Greatest Hits (1983).. Who's Missing (1985).. Two's Missing (1987).. Who's Better Who's Best (1988).. Thirty Years Of Maximum R & B (1994).. My Generation - The Very Best of (1996).. 20th Century Masters - The Millenium Collection: The Who (1999).. The BBC Sessions (2000).. The Who - The Ultimate Collection (2002).. Then and Now! 1964-2004 (2004).. Live Records.. Live At Leeds (1970).. Live at the Isle of Wight Festival 1970 (1970).. Who's Last (1982).. Join Together (1989).. Blues to the Bush (1999).. Live at the Royal Albert Hall (2000)..

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    Descriptive info: Bill s Pete Townshend Pages.. We are proud to announce that Bill from "Bill's Pete Townshend Pages" has agreed to bring his fantastic solo discography to thewho.. This addition to the site is long overdue, and now we have a complete listing of albums from the members of The Who.. Bill has done a fantastic job collecting all of the pertinent album information, including lyrics and we thank him for his hard work and dedication to the project!.. Pete Townshend Solo Records.. Roger Daltrey Solo Records.. John Entwistle Solo Records.. Keith Moon Solo Record.. Enjoy!!.. A note from Bill: I want to thank all of those who have visited  ...   duties and obligations to Lionism.. No it's not a cult or religion, it's a civic organization.. (I have three websites to maintain plus the duties of a newsletter) First of all I want to thank Scott, who has graciously took in my site to be hosted and posted on the "whonet".. I will be working to post lyrics and liner notes from my site to the whonet.. One thing you will not see is my collection, unless I need photos for certain webpages.. I feel White Fangs Who Site is one of the best resources for colleting The Who.. Bill.. This page has been viewed 327136 times since 2008-08-01..

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    Descriptive info: Presents Liner Notes to the albums of The Who.. Adapted from the liner notes from the reissued CD's.. With additions and corrections by Brian Cady.. Need the booklet for the.. 30 Years Of Maximum R B.. DVD?.. Click here.. MY GENERATION.. Out In The Street, I Don't Mind, The Good's Gone, La La La Lies, Much Too Much, My Generation (stereo version), The Kids Are Alright, Please Please Please, It's Not True, I'm A Man, A Legal Matter (stereo version), The Ox, Circles (Shel Talmy version), I Can't Explain (stereo version), Bald Headed Woman, Daddy Rolling Stone, Leaving Here (2nd stereo version), Lubie (Come Back Home), Shout And Shimmy, Heatwave (Shel Talmy version), Motoring, Anytime You Want Me, Anyway Anyhow Anywhere (alternate vocal), Instant Party Mixture, I Don't Mind (extended version), The Good's Gone (extended version), My Generation (instrumental version), Anytime You Want Me (vocals only), A Legal Matter, My Generation.. A QUICK ONE.. Run Run Run, Boris The Spider, I Need You, Whiskey Man, Heatwave, Cobwebs and Strange, Don't Look Away, See My Way, So Sad About Us, A Quick One While He's Away, Batman, Bucket T, Barbara Ann, Disguises, Doctor Doctor, I've Been Away, In The City, Happy Jack (acoustic version), Man With Money, My Generation/Land Of Hope And Glory.. THE WHO SELL OUT.. Armenia City In The Sky, Heinz Baked Beans, Mary Anne With The Shaky Hand, Odorono, Tattoo, Our Love Was, I Can See For Miles, I Can't Reach You, Medac, Relax, Silas Stingy, Sunrise, Rael 1 2, Glittering Girl, Melancholia, Someone's Coming, Jaguar, Early Morning Cold Taxi, Hall Of The Mountain King, Girl's Eyes, Mary Anne With The Shaky Hand (alternate version), Glow Girl.. TOMMY.. Overture, It's A Boy, 1921, Amazing Journey, Sparks, Eyesight To The Blind (The Hawker), Christmas, Cousin Kevin, The Acid Queen, Underture, Do You Think It's Alright, Fiddle About, Pinball Wizard, There's A Doctor, Go To The Mirror Boy, Tommy Can You Hear Me, Smash The Mirror, Sensation, Miracle Cure, Sally Simpson, I'm Free, Welcome, Tommy's Holiday Camp, We're Not Gonna Take It, See Me Feel Me, I Was, Christmas (out-take 3), Cousin Kevin Model Child, Young Man Blues (version 1), Tommy Can You Hear Me? (alternate version), Trying To Get Through, Sally Simpson (out-takes), Miss Simpson, Welcome (take 2), Tommy's Holiday Camp (band's version), We're Not Gonna Take It (alternate version), Dogs Part Two, It's A Boy (Pete's demo version), Amazing Journey (Pete's demo version), Christmas (Pete's demo version), Do You Think It's Alright? (Pete's demo version), Pinball Wizard (Pete's demo version).. LIVE AT LEEDS.. Young Man Blues, Substitute, Summertime Blues, Shaking All Over, My Generation, Magic Bus, Heaven and Hell, I Can't Explain, Fortune Teller, Tattoo, Happy Jack, I'm A Boy, A Quick One While He's Away, Amazing Journey/Sparks.. WHO'S NEXT.. Baba O'Riley, Bargain, Love Ain't For Keeping, My Wife, Song Is Over, Gettin' In Tune, Goin' Mobile, Behind Blue Eyes, Won't Get Fooled Again, Pure And Easy (New York studio version), Baby Don't You Do It (New York studio version), Naked Eye (Young Vic), Water (Young Vic), Too Much Of Anything (1971 mix), I Don't Even Know Myself (1971 mix), Behind Blue Eyes (New York studio version), Gettin' In Tune (New York studio version), Love Ain't For Keeping (New York studio version), Won't Get Fooled Again (New York studio version), Love Ain't For Keeping (Young Vic), Pure And Easy (Young Vic), Young Man Blues (Young Vic), Time Is Passing (Young Vic), Behind Blue Eyes (Young Vic), I Don't Even Know Myself  ...   Is Coming Down, Who Are You, No Road Romance, Empty Glass, Guitar and Pen (Olympic '78 Mix), Love Is Coming Down (Work-In-Progress Mix), Who Are You (Lost Verse Mix).. THE KIDS ARE ALRIGHT.. My Generation (Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour), I Can't Explain (Shindig), Baba O'Riley (Shepperton), Shout and Shimmy (Richmond Jazz and Blues Festival), Young Man Blues (Coliseum), Tommy Can You Hear Me (Beat Club), Pinball Wizard (Woodstock), See Me Feel Me (Woodstock), My Generation Conclusion (Woodstock), Anyway Anyhow Anywhere (Ready Steady Go!), Success Story, Singles Medley (Substitute/Pictures Of Lily/Magic Bus), Happy Jack, A Quick One (Rolling Stones Rock Roll Circus), Cobwebs and Strange, Sparks (Woodstock), Barbara Ann (Shepperton Rehearsal), Roadrunner/My Generation Blues (Pontiac Silverdome), Who Are You, My Generation (Monterey Pop), Won't Get Fooled Again (Shepperton), Long Live Rock, I Can See For Miles, My Wife (Kilburn).. FACE DANCES.. You Better You Bet, Don't Let Go The Coat, Cache Cache, The Quiet One, Did You Steal My Money, How Can You Do It Alone, Daily Records, Another Tricky Day, I Like Nightmares, It's In You, Somebody Saved Me, How Can You Do It Alone (Live), The Quiet One (Live).. IT'S HARD.. Athena, It's Your Turn, Cooks County, It's Hard, Dangerous, Eminence Front, I've Known No War, One Life's Enough, One At A Time, Why Did I Fall For That, A Man Is A Man, Cry If You Want, It's Hard (live), Eminence Front (live), Dangerous (live), Cry If You Want (live).. THIRTY YEARS OF MAXIMUM R B.. Songs discussed are:.. Here 'Tis, Zoot Suit, Leaving Here, Happy Jack Jingle, Happy Jack (alternate), A Quick One While He's Away (composite), Fortune Teller, Abbie Hoffman Incident, Underture (Sparks from Woodstock), See Me Feel Me (composite), Heaven and Hell, Bargain (San Francisco 1971), Bony Maronie, The Real Me (Kenney Jones version), Life With The Moons, My Wife (Swansea 1976), Music Must Change (original version), Twist and Shout (Toronto CNE 1982), I'm A Man (Radio City Music Hall 1989), Saturday Night's Alright For Fighting.. BBC SESSIONS.. My Generation (Radio 1 Jingle), Anyway Anyhow Anywhere, Good Lovin', Just You and Me Darling, Leaving Here, My Generation, The Good's Gone, La La La Lies, Substitute, Man With Money, Dancing In The Street, Disguises, I'm A Boy, Run Run Run, Boris The Spider, Happy Jack, See My Way, Pictures Of Lily, A Quick One While He's Away, Substitute (version 2), The Seeker, I'm Free, Shakin' All Over/Spoonful, Relay, Long Live Rock, Boris The Spider (Radio 1 Jingle), Pete Townshend Interview - Townshend Talks Tommy, Pinball Wizard, See Me Feel Me, I Don't Even Know Myself, I Can See For Miles, Heaven and Hell, The Seeker (2), Summertime Blues.. ENDLESS WIRE.. Fragments, A Man in a Purple Dress, Mike Post Theme, In The Ether, Black Widow's Eyes, Two Thousand Years, God Speaks of Marty Robbins, It's Not Enough, You Stand By Me, Sound Round, Pick Up The Peace, Unholy Trinity, Trilby's Piano, Endless Wire, Fragments of Fragments, We Got A Hit, They Made My Dream Come True, Mirror Door, Tea and Theatre, We Got a Hit (Extended Version), Endless Wire (Extended Version), Wire Glass (Six Songs from a Mini-opera).. WHO'S LEFT - STUDIO.. Circles (2nd version), Dr.. Jekyll and Mr.. Hyde, Here For More, When I Was A Boy, Wasp Man, Bernie's Holiday Camp, Fiddle About, Sparks, Champagne, Listening To You/See Me, Feel Me, Get Out And Stay Out, Four Faces, Joker James, Dig, Fire, Real Good Looking Boy, Old Red Wine.. This page has been viewed 107758 times since 2007-10-16..

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    Descriptive info: H.. ELLO and.. W.. ELCOME to all WHO fans around the world!.. This is.. THE.. page to fill.. MOST.. of the gaps in your WHO bootleg list.. With a flood of WHO bootleg CD s.. having hit the market since the mid 1990 s, it has become necessary to do a great deal of research in.. verifying their existence, authenticity and source.. M.. any CD s are copies of old vinyl bootlegs with different titles and c.. over art.. Some include performance dates, others don t.. Obviously this puts the average.. buyer at a distinct disadvantage, but even the most ardent collectors are stumped.. by this problem.. Many CD s contain material that has not previously seen life in.. vinyl form.. Often, they may contain all of the material previously available on vinyl.. as well as additional or bonus tracks from the same performance / session,.. making the acquisition of these items a necessity for the hard core collector.. However, with the average price of single CD s ranging from $20-$30 and double CD ranging from $40-$50,.. this can make for a costly adventure when assessing the desire or need to acquire these items.. T.. his page will.. attempt.. to  ...   Studio or Demo.. Recording: (Soundboard or Audience).. Track List.. as well as any other pertinent information that may help in identifying.. the item.. I will gladly credit you with the information you contribute by.. listing your name and / or e-mail address if you so desire.. his is with all likelihood not a complete listing of all the WHO bootlegs that have ever hit the.. marketplace, but it comes pretty darned close and this is as good as it gets - for now!.. Y.. our questions, comments, suggestions and ideas will be appreciated.. Last Updated by.. Baba O Riley.. on 02/16/2013 at 18:00.. Created on Saturday, 17 May, 1997.. Copyright 1997-2014 Baba O Riley.. d/b/a Baba O Riley s Bootleg Page.. All rights exclusively reserved and secured.. Do NOT duplicate or redistribute in any form.. Baba O Riley s Bootleg Page.. has NO affiliation with The Who or any individual.. member of the group nor it s management.. is a REGISTERED trademark.. All other trademarks and registered trademarks are the property of their respective holders.. [Home] [.. About.. ] [.. New Who.. CDs.. Solo CDs.. LPs.. Solo LPs.. ROIO / Live Tapes.. Videos.. Who s Missing?.. Articles.. Credits.. Legal.. Contact..

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  • Title: The Who live in Concert 1962 - 2011
    Descriptive info: The Who Concert Guide.. The Who.. Songs and Records.. Songs.. Records.. Encore Search.. The Concert Guide.. Ticket Stubs.. From City To City.. Introduction.. Concert Guide Blog.. Remember The Who?.. Then you've got a better memory than me pal!.. Just kiddin'.. what was I saying?.. Oh yeah! There are lists and then.. there are lists!.. This is a list of gigs and concerts second to none.. This list even includes gigs we weren't even paid for! The fact that this guy even includes a list of my gigs means that he really should have been working for the CIA.. Great! So.. read on.. and on.. Decades follow.. We even referred to this list while we were mixing our live shows for the new CD.. Search The Guide.. Artist:.. Show all.. Song:.. Date:.. Day.. 01.. 02.. 03.. 04.. 05.. 06.. 07.. 08.. 09.. 10.. 11.. 12.. 13.. 14.. 15.. 16.. 17.. 18.. 19.. 20.. 21.. 22.. 23.. 24.. 25.. 26.. 27.. 28.. 29.. 30.. 31.. Month.. Jan.. Feb.. Mar.. Apr.. May.. Jun.. Jul.. Aug.. Sep.. Oct.. Nov.. Dec..  ...   Japan.. Mexico.. Monaco.. Netherlands.. Norway.. Spain.. Sweden.. Switzerland.. USA.. State: (USA only).. Only USA.. Alabama (AL).. Arizona (AZ).. Arkansas (AR).. California (CA).. Colorado (CO).. Connecticut (CT).. Delaware (DE).. Florida (FL).. Georgia (GA).. Hawaii (HI).. Idaho (ID).. Illinois (IL).. Indiana (IN).. Iowa (IA).. Kansas (KS).. Kentucky (KY).. Louisiana (LA).. Maine (ME).. Maryland (MD).. Massachusetts (MA).. Michigan (MI).. Minnesota (MN).. Mississippi (MS).. Missouri (MO).. Montana (MT).. Nebraska (NE).. Nevada (NV).. New Hampshire (NH).. New Jersey (NJ).. New Mexico (NM).. New York (NY).. North Carolina (NC).. North Dakota (ND).. Ohio (OH).. Oklahoma (OK).. Oregon (OR).. Pennsylvania (PA).. Rhode Island (RI).. South Carolina (SC).. South Dakota (SD).. Tennessee (TN).. Texas (TX).. Utah (UT).. Vermont (VT).. Virginia (VA).. Washington (WA).. West Virginia (WV).. Wisconsin (WI).. Wyoming (WY).. Roger on tour in 2011.. Concert Guide-News, August 2011.. Roger Daltrey has finished his concert series in the UK, Belgium and Denmark.. For setlist, pictures and infos go to.. Roger's tour list 2011.. livedownload.. offers downloads from each show.. |.. Daltrey.. Entwistle.. Townshend.. 1996-2014 The Who Concert Guide - Designed by.. Free CSS Templates..

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