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  • Title: Home | Xtel
    Descriptive info: .. HOME.. ABOUT.. WHY XTEL?.. SERVICES.. SUPPORT.. INDUSTRIES.. PARTNERS.. Limitless Possibilities.. At Xtel, VoIP isn’t simply about a better type of service.. It’s about a better service provider.. Learn More.. Voice Made Simple.. Whatever your business needs are, Xtel’s voice solutions will meet them every time.. Reliable and Robust.. Xtel reliably delivers your data to its destination securely and along the fastest route possible.. Cloud.. Cloud computing saves customers on maintenance costs while increasing network uptime.. Xtel can manage.. all of your communications.. Xtel provides total communications solutions that fulfill the.. unique needs.. of your organization.. Schools.. Businesses.. Municipalities.. Xtel for Schools.. Digital learning is transforming how teachers teach and students learn.. High speed broadband is no longer a luxury for schools - it's a necessity.. EducationSuperHighway aims to close the digital divide by upgrading every K-12 school in America to 100Mbps+ broadband.. Click to read more and take the National School Speed Test.. Xtel for Businesses.. From initial contact to signed contract, communications play a vital role in attracting and retaining a solid customer base.. Xtel's full array of telecom and Internet services gives you all the tools you need to keep the conversation up and overhead costs down.. Xtel for Municipalities.. Local governments are saddled with the task of providing ever-increasing mandated services with ever-decreasing state and federal aid.. A predictable monthly bill has never been more necessary  ...   data centers.. That means no equipment to maintain as well as much greater flexibility and scalability.. Read more.. Company Philosophy.. Xtel Communications was founded on the principle that providing superior communications services at a competitive price helps organizations of every kind successfully attain goals.. The Xtel approach is straightforward: provide high quality reliable service and exceptional customer care at fair price.. Contact Information.. Xtel Communications, Inc.. 10 Lake Center Executive Park, Suite 106.. 401 Route 73 North.. Marlton, NJ 08053.. Toll Free: 800.. 438.. 9835.. Local: 856.. 596.. 4000.. Email:.. info@xtel.. net.. Recent News.. Oct.. 9, 2014.. More wireless devices are being used in the classroom practically every day.. According to a national survey from February of 2013, more than one third of teachers are using a tablet or e-reader in their classrooms.. Nearly seventy percent of those surveyed reported that educational technology helps them “do much.. Click here to read more.. 8, 2014.. Happy teachers who feel appreciated are probably more likely to be enthusiastic, engaging and helpful in the classroom.. Wouldn’t you agree? It’s important to make sure your teachers know that school administration recognizes their importance in the success of students and the school overall.. and it s important all year long, not.. Site Info.. Copyright 2014 Xtel Communications All rights reserved.. Site Map.. Home.. News.. Contact Us.. About Xtel.. Industries.. Legal.. Partners.. Services.. Support.. Why Xtel?.. Careers..

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  • Title: Customer Login | Xtel
    Descriptive info: Customer Login.. Xtel can manage all of your phone and internet services.. Overview.. Report Service Issue.. Online Support.. Choose one of the support options below:.. Customer VoIP Login.. Pay Online..

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  • Title: Contact Us | Xtel
    Descriptive info: Request a Quote.. Company.. Customer Support.. Associations.. REQUEST A QUOTE.. Get info about a custom solution designed to meet the needs of.. your organization.. Every organization has a unique set of communications needs that can't be met by a one-size-fits-all approach.. Xtel specializes in providing.. customized solutions.. our clients want at a price that  ...   will contact you shortly!.. First Last Name.. Email.. Phone.. Organization Name.. I need information about:.. Hosted PBX.. VoIP/Other Voice Solutions.. Internet Access.. WAN/Networking.. Other.. How did you hear about us?.. Google Search.. Bing/Yahoo Search.. Received Email.. Trade Show.. Referral.. E-rate.. Additional Information.. (optional).. Security Code.. Please enter the 4-letter code into the box above..

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  • Title: Voice | Xtel
    Descriptive info: Voice.. VoIP.. Internet.. Xtel's business-class voice solutions let you.. communicate without boundaries.. Get Started With Xtel Today.. Local Business Lines.. Analog access lines provide a local dial tone for your traditional business lines.. Options include local measured service, area-based flat-rate service, and custom calling features like call waiting, call forwarding, and caller ID.. Primary Rate Interface Integrated Services Digital Network (PRI ISDN).. With more efficient out-of-band signaling, Xtel’s PRI ISDN service utilizes 23 channels of a 24-channel T1 line for inbound and outbound calling.. The 24th, or "D" channel, is used for signaling information and call control—so you get caller ID telephone numbers on every call.. Long Distance Service.. Xtel provides reliable and cost effective long-distance service with features like:.. Local toll (intraLATA), in-state (intrastate), out-of-state (interstate) calling.. International calling to more than 240 countries.. Customized two to eight digit Account Codes on both a verified and non-verified basis.. Optional toll-free long distance service.. Dedicated Domestic and International Long Distance.. Xtel’s dedicated digital transport facilities carry your long distance calls  ...   flexible routing features that let you manage your call traffic based on your business needs.. Dedicated or Switched.. Xtel's dedicated toll-free service uses dedicated transport facilities to terminate your inbound toll-free calls directly to your network, bypassing the local telephone company and saving you money on every call.. And with DNIS (Dialed Number Identification Service), you’ll never wonder who’s calling.. Xtel also offers switched nationwide inbound toll-free service.. Both our dedicated and switched toll-free services include a number of value-added features:.. Geographic allocation routing and blocking.. Time-of-day routing.. Account codes.. Call forwarding.. Toll-free directory assistance.. Audio Conferencing.. Xtel's audio voice conferencing calling system facilitates efficient and cost-effective communication among your employees, vendors, and customers.. There's no charge for owning a conference bridge; you're only charged for actual service usage.. Other benefits include:.. Toll-free access number.. Unique, permanent bridge number.. Chairperson access code.. No-reservation conferencing available as needed with no operator assistance required.. No ongoing fees; costs are based call duration and the number of participants.. Exceptional reliability and call clarity..

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  • Title: Services | Xtel
    Descriptive info: From dial tone to sophisticated cloud-based technology, Xtel has all the communications tools your organization needs to.. maintain a competitive edge.. in today's economy.. Learn About Xtel For Your Industry.. A market leader in both emerging (VoIP and broadband dedicated Internet services) and established (legacy PSTN-based voice services), Xtel has everything you need to communicate over the phone and over the Internet.. Our private network and softswitch technology deliver high-quality, affordable service over a dedicated IP connection that never touches  ...   maximizes the performance of your Internet service by dynamically allocating bandwidth, and our Hosted PBX, or “cloud-based,” solutions provide flexibility and scalability to your business.. Click here to learn more.. Xtel offers a comprehensive range of business-class phone services.. From local and domestic calling to international long distance and audio conferencing we have what you need to stay connected.. Keep up with the ever-growing broadband demands of your business while maintaining a high level of service and ensuring network availablity..

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  • Title: Industries | Xtel
    Descriptive info: Xtel provides quality, reliable communications solutions.. tailored to meet the unique needs.. of schools, businesses, and local government.. Schools, local government entities and businesses of all sizes and shapes all share the need for reliable communications systems.. Keeping staff, parents, constituents, and customers connected and informed within tight budget constraints is becoming increasingly difficult.. Xtel can help.. The tier-one network of technology partners Xtel has cultivated over the past seventeen years means that organizations of any size can now  ...   cloud-based managed services, Xtel's custom-tailored solutions ensure you get the best service at the best possible price.. Learn more about Xtel s services.. High speed broadband is no longer a luxury for schools - it s a necessity.. Xtel s full array of telecom and Internet services gives you all the tools you need to keep the conversation up and overhead costs down.. That s exactly what you get when you merge your voice and data needs with Xtel..

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  • Title: Schools | Xtel
    Descriptive info: High-speed broadband.. is no longer a luxury for K-12 school districts - it's a necessity.. Learn More About Xtel s Services.. High speed broadband is a vital component of digital learning.. As a governing state in the.. PARCC.. consortium, New Jersey has made a strong committment in helping to ensure that America remains a leader in digital and technology education.. Click to read PARRC/ConnectED fact sheet.. With a robust IP network backbone at your command, administrative file and data management systems are handled securely and privately, backed by offsite network managers with years of expertise.. Phone and voicemail can be as simple or sophisticated as you wish.. Email communications are available for everyone on staff.. Establish a phone tree for closings and inservice dates that doesn't.. require faculty to make dozens of early morning calls.. Set up dedicated hotlines with always-on messages.. Host web pages for student organizations, sports teams, and parent-teacher information.. The possibilities are virtually  ...   than a minute you'll know the speed of your school's Internet access and the types of digital learning it can support.. Click here to take the School Speed Test.. Xtel offers a wide variety of E-rate Priority One funded services including traditional switched telephone service, Centrex, DSL, PRI, T-1/T-3, VoIP, Internet access and more.. Go to USAC website for E-rate details.. Xtel currently holds three separate bids with the Middlesex Regional Educational Services Commission (.. MRESC.. ), an agency whose mission is limiting the tax burden of New Jersey residents by offering school districts and government agencies cost efficient purchasing opportunities.. MRESC 11/12-38 ACT Regional/Long Distance Phone Service (7/1/12 - 6/30/15).. MRESC 11/12-47 ACT Data/Broadband/Hosted Services (3/6/12 - 3/5/15).. MRESC 13/14-39 ACT Wide Area Network Services (1/17/14-1/16/17).. Download our Hosted PBX for Schools fact sheet.. Download our MRESC ACT fact sheet.. Download our Hosted PBX for Schools brochure.. Download our fact sheet for schools.. Request a quote..

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  • Title: Businesses | Xtel
    Descriptive info: Xtel's solutions give you the.. competitive edge.. necessary to thrive in today's business environment.. Your business will thrive when resources once spent on managing communications are redirected toward increasing revenue.. Communications play a vital role in attracting and retaining a solid customer base.. From initial contact to signed contract, keeping the lines of communication open between you and your customer while keeping overhead costs down is crucial.. Xtel offers a full range of services from local and long distance calling to cloud computing at prices that let you maintain the competitive edge necessary to survive and thrive in today's increasingly global marketplace.. Converging technology  ...   own facilities means customers of any size can now enjoy service options and scalability previously reserved for larger enterprise customers.. More options mean more opportunity to grow your customer base.. When you partner with Xtel, resources once spent on managing telecom can now be redirected toward increasing revenue.. Contact us today.. One of our professional Account Executives will be happy to meet with you and offer you a free analysis of your current communications services and discuss how Xtel will help you get the best return on your communications investment.. Download our Hosted PBX for Business Fact Sheet.. Download our Xtel for Business fact sheet..

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  • Title: Municipalities | Xtel
    Descriptive info: Xtel knows local government has.. unique needs,.. and we know how to meet them.. Your community trusts you to provide the best services for them.. Trust Xtel to provide the best service for you.. When you’re entrusted with providing reliable government services within tight budget constraints, you need a communications partner equally prepared for the task.. Because no two governing units have the same needs, Xtel offers scalable, reliable communications solutions tailored to meet those needs while ensuring that you stay within budget.. Save significant administrative  ...   benefits of your traditional phone system with the advanced functionality of the Internet.. VoIP is designed to connect multiple locations and remote employees within a single, feature-rich network controlled through your Internet browser.. Xtel's Data Center, located in Philadelphia is equipped with disaster avoidance features designed to protect our customers against network outages.. Our fully redundant network ensures immediate route changes in the event of a network failure.. This means your service will not be interrupted.. Download our Xtel for Government fact sheet.. Request a Quote?..

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  • Title: Hosted PBX Business Phone Systems – Xtel Communications | Xtel
    Descriptive info: Hosted PBX Phone Systems.. Big Phone System, Small Investment.. from Xtel Communications is a cloud-based, VoIP business phone system that comes with time-saving features, eliminates the need for internal management, grows along with your business and saves you money!.. With our Hosted PBX solution, your phone system is accessed via the internet and is 100% hosted in our secure data centers.. That means.. no equipment to maintain.. as well as much greater flexibility and scalability than traditional business phone systems.. Benefits of Hosted PBX.. Scalable.. : Your phone system easily scales right along with your business as it grows.. No more limitations on users or phone lines.. Portable.. : Hosted PBX means your employees can manage calls seamlessly from any location – home,  ...   can focus on more meaningful and productive tasks, while we worry about updates, upgrades and maintenance.. Peace of Mind.. : With 24/7 support and monitoring by a dedicated team, you can rest assured that your business will enjoy maximum phone system uptime and assistance any time you need it.. Save Money.. : Reduce total cost of system ownership and save by bundling local, long distance and broadband Internet costs.. One vendor means one predictable monthly communications bill.. Act the Part.. : A long list of features means your hosted PBX system can help your business come across as instantly polished and professional.. Act like a big company (even if you’re not!).. Ready to learn more about hosted PBX?.. Call us today at 800-438-9835 or:..

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  • Title: Wireless devices in the classroom | News | Xtel
    Descriptive info: Wireless devices in the classroom.. Nearly seventy percent of those surveyed reported that educational technology helps them “do much more than ever before” for their students.. Check out this infographic from Mashable.. PBS Learning Media.. :.. Reliable, fast and robust Internet connections are starting to become a necessity for schools across the country.. How does your Internet measure up?..

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